Mother's day special 2019

Mother's day special 2019

This Mother's Day, if you don't know what to gift, why not give something customized?

It can be a portrait of her, of you guys as a family, of whatever you want. The only thing I need is the photo that I am going to base the illustration on, which will have the colors, clothes and gestures of the photo that you send me.

This is an example of this simple portrait style that I did for Valentine's Day. The photo and the illustration I made based on it.

Description, price and dates

Illustration in a simple style, painted in watercolor and on 250g paper, measuring 15 x 20 cm, so if you want to put it in a frame, you have plenty to choose from from a variety of shops.


The price is $5,000 CLP per person. That is, if it is a single person, $5,000, two people $10,000 CLP and so on. If there are 5 or more people, you can opt for the illustration to be 20x30 cm.


Orders are received until May 3 , to have enough time to make the orders with the dedication they deserve.

Face-to-face deliveries will be made from May 9 to 12 at the Libertad Artisan Fair with 13 Norte, Viña del Mar (white tent), hours from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Stand number to be confirmed. Dispatches will be made on May 7, via Starken (former Tur Bus charge, to agency or address) payable. In the event that the dispatch is to extreme regions, it can be sent via Chilexpress, payable, so that it arrives on time.

How to order?

Send an email to, attaching the photo on which you want the drawing based and if you want all the members of the photo to be part of the illustration (charged per person). Keep in mind that the photo is the basis of the drawing, so it is not recommended to send a group photo if you want the portrait to be of a single person.

Once we are ok with the photo and we have resolved any questions, I will send you my information so that you can make the deposit for the total amount. Once I receive the receipt, I will schedule your order and I will deliver it to you personally or I will make the office according to what suits you.

Do you have more questions?

I am ready to answer any questions. You can use the contact form on the page, my email or send me a message on my instagram @chibasaur.

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